Behold, the Challenger Dark Horse. And on its back rode a bald guy, and fun travelled with him.
I've been coming into North Sound Indian since 2017, having made up my mind that I wanted to buy an Indian. I needed to handle other financial obligations before I could pull the trigger though, so in the meantime I'd come to the sales floor, chat with Josh (now moved away) and David about the bikes, sit on them, dream about them, listen to them; you name it. It became a running joke that whenever Josh or David would see me come in they'd ask Today?. I'd reply No, not today fellas. Just gonna torture myself some more. Three years later, I finally scheduled a test ride to take out the Challenger, Chieftain, and Springfield DH and fell in love with the Challenger. When it came time to buy, David was super easy to deal with. Even my wife (from Peru) who is used to negotiating as though it were a professional sport said there was no need to really do much on her part. I told David what I wanted, we discussed accessories, he came back with numbers, my wife got a jacket for me (haha), and we were out of there in no time at all. It's great to deal with honest sales people, and after all the harassment I gave these guys over the years it felt wrong to try and buy the bike somewhere else, even if it were possible to get a better deal. Honest sales people are worth their weight in gold. Thank you! Lovin' the bike! (Employee: David Hendrickson)
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James Boerner
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